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Curious about driveway building

A giraffe that extension attention

That is the purpose of this page. Just an excuse for a bit of attention really.

Very chuffed and grateful that a new customer took the time to get in touch to say how happy he is with his new driveway.

So happy in fact, that he took the time to shoot a quick video for us!  (I’ll send that fiver over later ok mate?)

Here’s what he had to say.  If YOU need a reliable, professional service give us a call.  I guarantee you will be as happy as this wonderful gentleman.

So,, how the heck are we supposed to read it.  Firefox says this.  What gives?


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Warning for drivers, expect delays as roadwork started in the major Preston Road. For the affected junctions, check it below.

It’s going to slow drivers down on this major Preston road.

Work is starting on New Hall Lane and it’s going to take up to six months to finish.

Lancashire County Council is putting up new traffic lights, kerbs and paving surfacing at two junctions on the road.

It’s part of the City Deal project to try and improve Preston for shoppers and visitors.

Phill Wilson, project manager for the City Deal infrastructure team said:

“This is the latest stage of the work along New Hall Lane, which will improve the area for shoppers, businesses and local residents.

“Vehicles will still be access these roads during the work on the crossings, which will involve brand new traffic lights and paving.

“We understand that this could cause some delay or disruption at times for people travelling along New Hall Lane, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused by this improvement work.”

Junctions affected are:
Skeffington Road / Scotforth Road
Acregate / Arnhem Road

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Who knew that people love watching paving contractors work?

This video of a gang of pavers working their bitumen and chippings machines with accuracy in the Australian outback has gone viral with over a million views now.

Pah!  that’s nothing our guys could do that in 60 seconds.  Kidding of course, we’re much, MUCH more careful.  Especially with the distinct lack of space we have for most jobs in Brum city centre.

Really interesting watch though – check it out.

Cleaning and Sealing Your New Paving

Aggregate Sealing - Before and After

Sealed and Unsealed – my camera had a glitch though

Brick pavers are extremely durable, and so they add a distinctive look to the home patio, sidewalk or driveway. However, as the pavers are exposed to the environment, the bricks can age and begin to look old and dirty. This is caused by water, dirt, grease or grime that have accumulated over time. The sand that holds the pavers in place may come loose over time.

Fortunately, brick pavers can be secured with sealers. There are various varieties of sealers available available in the market. Sealers are applied on brick pavers to provide it the protection that it needs. When applied to brick pavers, you will discover a couple of rewards.

Helps keep away from damage caused by water.

Brick pavers that are repeatedly washed or exposed to water frequently begin to erode and cracks begin to form in the bricks. To make matters worse, dirt and grime accumulate in these cracks, and add on additional to the wear. This constant exposure to water also washes away or loosen the sand that is designed to keep your pavers in place.

The solution is to apply a coat of sealer so that you can make the brick pavers water repellent. With a coat of sealer, water can not penetrate deep into the bricks, and it also helps to secure the sand in place so that your pavers stay put.

New Block paved Driveway in Great Barr

New Block Paved Driveway

Helps keep away from nasty stains.

When bricks come into contact with oil, grease, grime or even coffee, they are going to absorb the contaminants, and this leaves nasty stains on the bricks. Without a coat of sealer, the brick pavers will turn out to be unsightly over time as more and more stains appear on the bricks. And once the stains set into the brick pavers, it is very difficult to clean them off. Or rather, it is almost impossible to take away the stains.

A coat of sealer will lend a hand keep away from that. Since the outside is secure, against any oil, grease or grime penetrating the surface of the brick pavers and can be easily clean off.

Protect colors and give a boost to life-span.

Applying Optional Sealant To A New Block Driveway

Applying Optional Sealant To A New Block Driveway

When bricks turn out to be stained or badly damaged, the only solution is to replace the bricks altogether. This is a expensive and troublesome process, and most of the people would want to steer clear of that.

With a protective layer of sealer, the colours are enhanced very similar to a “wet look”, and the life-span is enhanced. External contaminants can’t seep into the bricks and cause damage.

Easy cleaning.

Obviously, a brick paver that is secure is much easier to wash when in comparison to ones that are not secure. On an unprotected brick paver, the oil or grime just sink deeper into the bricks when one attempts to wash them off with water. In the short term, it looks as if the outside has been cleaned. But in reality, the contaminants are still there. It’s just that they have been driven deeper with the cleaning and hidden from sight. In the long term, this may cause additional damage to the unprotected paver.

Prevent plant growth.

Unwanted plant growth will create unsightly patches between the brick pavers. Weeds and plants can widen the joint cracks that are between the bricks, therefore causing more damage. When sealed well, plant to grow is minimized. Periodic sealing and this problem can be essentially eliminated altogether.

For more information/advice about whether to seal your new driveway or patio give us a call.

Even though it’s only two weekfrom Xmas 2015 at the time of writing this we still have an order book that is filling up well in to the New Year.  Long may it continue and special thanks to our fantastic customers who have been happy to spread the word about our tarmacing, block paving and hard landscaping services.

For your delight and delectation here are a few photographs of the work we carried out/finished in November 2015.

Birmingham Landscape Gardener

back garden deck in yardley

Small wall in back garden

Small wall in back garden. Pic taken in the summer.

site reparation for garden wall and patio

Site Preparation For A Garden Wall And Patio

Finally got a bit of time in the office to post up some pictures of work done in October this year.  From driveways in Perry Barr to patios in Edgbaston, we were all over the town in October and it’s getting busier and busier.  When most companies are thinking of hanging up their boots for the winter we are going from strength to strength.

Bookings are looking good for the new year and I have no doubt that 2016 is going to be our busiest year ever!

Paving Contractor Dudley

Tarmac Drive in Dudley

Granite and Slate Paving In Paerry Barr

Granite and Slate Paving in Perry Parr

Edgbaston Driveway Contractor

Tarmac drive in Edgbaston

Block Driveway Contractor Perry Barr

Block Driveway Contractor Perry Barr

Handsworth Girls School

Courtesy of the Birmingham Mail

Driveway Company In Handsworth Wood.  As driveway installers of many years covering the Perry Barr and surrounding areas, we are very keen to do pave more driveways and paths in the Great Barr, Sandwell and Handsworth Wood areas.  If you are looking for the best driveway builder give us a call.

For years, it was your front garden that permitted you to add a little charisma and style to the look of your house. But with the need to Turn A Garden Into A Driveway to accommodate added cars, many people are now utilizing their imaginative ideas in order to make their driveway stick out from the rest.

Undoubtedly, the scale of exactly what you can accomplish quite depends on the size and shape of your driveway, in addition to it befitting the ambience of the rest of the neighbourhood, but there many ideas you can include into your design and many landscape gardeners and driveway specialists have actually made it their business to provide you useful and economical options.

Making use of Solar Lights

Solar landscape lighting can change the mood of a driveway and it can be even more remarkable if you have a driveway which likewise has a front lawn. It not only looks great however it improves visibility in the evening for both those who are driving and for people seeing your house on foot. It likewise acts as an alert to individuals of where to walk and not to walk if you have an adjacent garden.

Including Flowers and Foliage

Flowers and foliage can bring a vibrant sense of colour to your driveway, and it is an opportunity to bring to life a special design. Planting small trees, a flower border or a decorative rock garden will develop an intriguing and welcoming drive preceeding your home.

Making use of Trellises

Installing a trellis on an adjoining fence, or wall and even over your front patio and planting quick growing vines around the structure, will alert people to a brand-new focal point to your home, and will add a remarkable touch of ‘green’ to the environment. Trellises are especially attracting those who do not have space to have a front garden, and they are an imaginative option which can also divert the interest away from an easy concrete driveway and garage.

Making use of Stone

Those with a fondness for arts and crafts may care to utilize a variety of stone to produce an intriguing driveway. Rock gardens can be exceptionally excellent especially if you combine huge rocks and smaller among different contrasting colours. Gravel stone also can be found in different colours to show your individual taste and each colour scheme can provide your driveway an entirely different feel and state of mind and you’re just limited by your ideas.

Upgrading the Shape

If you have the area and it’s practical, including a curve or two to your driveway can offer it the impression of being an appealing nation roadway. Curves also afford you the high-end of bringing another extra focal point, such as a magnificent fruit tree, a garden sculpture or more, or a water fountain together with your paving.

Concrete Driveway

A Concrete Driveway is typically the choice for individuals who are going to remain in and out with their cars due to the fact that of its ease of maintenance and for its toughness. Additionally, it lends itself to a huge array of design options which can not just have a dramatic result on the landscaping but can also enhance your house’s value. A concrete driveway can have many different patterns developed to resemble brick, slate and tile, and is available in numerous various colours and appearances with swirl and cobblestone effects to call just 2.

Paving driveways and driveway design are both crafts that have actually ended up being so popular that numerous companies have actually been developed to provide creative design options and installations to a location which, up until a decade or so back, was frequently neglected. Much so that today, new creative concepts about driveways are often believed of with as much importance as, state, landscaping your garden, and with some imagination, you, too, can provide your driveway an enticing transformation.

Solar landscape lighting can work particularly well in the spacious driveways of Handsworth Wood and it can be even more remarkable if you have a driveway which also has a front lawn. Gravel stone also comes in various colours to reflect your individual taste and each colour scheme can provide your driveway an absolutely wonderful look and you’re only limited by your ideas.

A Concrete Driveway is frequently the choice for individuals who are going to be in and out with their vehicles because of its ease of upkeep and for its resilience. A concrete driveway can have numerous different patterns created to look like brick, slate and tile, and comes in so lots of various colours and structures with swirl and cobblestone impacts to name just two.

Finding the right driveway contractor in B20.

LMS ticket for Handsworth Wood

Courtesy of wikimedia

Naturally, the best way to get a good job is to talk to people you already know; a member of St Mary’s Church?  Perhaps your children go to Handsworth Wood Girls School? Are you a member of handsworth golf club? If you know anyone living in these dialling codes:  0121-420, 0121-429 or 0121-434 the give them a call and talk to them.  Alternatively, talk to us on 0121 285 3637 and we will be happy to give you references and numbers of customers in Hamstead and Hamstead Village.

Hello and welcome if you are looking for paving companies in Handsworth.

Birmingham Driveway are paving contractors laying blocks, concrete and tarmac in the B20, Lozells and Perry Barr areas for years.

We always pave your driveway or patio areas and paths with top quality materials from the best suppliers in Birmingham.

If you are thinking of hiring a paving surface layer in the 0121-505, 0121-515 or 0121-523 dialing codes we’re the best around and will do a great job for you.

Phone us today for a free quote for your driveway or patio paving on 0121 285 3637.  We look forward to hearing from you.

St Michaels Church, Handsworth

St Michaels Church, Handsworth. Courtesy of wikimedia.

In the meantime here are some ideas for making sure that you get the best paving job done in your home.

Most people go with tarmac driveways today and it is by far the cheapest option out of all the other driveway alternatives. A major part of the success of any driveway installation is the paving service provider that is hired to finish the job. If you employ the wrong contractor there is no possibility that your driveway is going to last as long as it should, which is at least 25 to 30 years.

If you utilise the professional services of a top-notch paving contractor, your driveway will need absolutely nothing more than small repair works and maintenance throughout its lifespan.

To help you with choosing the ideal contractor to manage your paving task, you should take the following into significant factor to consider first:

– Be 100 % Certain About Exactly what You Want

Before you acquire quotations from various service providers, you need to understand exactly what you desire. Supply them with a footprint of the driveway that you prefer to guarantee that they provide you with the most accurate quotes. Walking through the site with each contractor to permit them to examine it and sharing your preferences with them is very important as well.

– Be Extremely Fearless

Never think about a service provider that does not have the needed insurances, licenses and bonds that will protect you from second-rate work and probable liabilities.

– Make sure that the Professional is Experienced Enough

Take the time to learn all you can about the paving professional before you employ their services. Appointing the most seasoned and accomplished service provider will definitely ensure a quality, lasting tarmac driveway. The professional that you choose to work with ought to know everything there is to know about setting up a driveway.

– Request for a First Class Quality Sub-base for tarmac driveways

A driveway is just as excellent as the foundation that it is built on. The professional ought to be able to set up a remarkable quality sub-base; an appropriate sub-base is basic.

– Go over Drain Installation

Make sure to go over the installation of right drain with the contractor and be specific that they understand ways to install it correctly. You do not desire water puddles forming on your driveway or water draining into your house.

– Request Adequate References.

A trusted and credible paving specialist that has nothing to hide will have no issue to supply you with favorable contactable references. Previous customers could help you make the important decision. Do you have friend in the Methodist church and community Centre on Gerrard Street?  Are you a member of the Wilkes Green residents Association?  Ask around.

What experiences have you had with paving contractors in the past?

If you use the professional services of a top-notch paving contractor, your driveway will require nothing more than small repair services and maintenance during its life expectancy.


Photo courtesy of

Types of Driveway Common to Ladywood


Drive around Hockley,  or any part of Ladywood for that matter and you will quickly see that there are three primary types of paving

Each has its merits and each has it disadvantages. Where concrete paving can be an affordable choice, it needs either a base surface of some description, or is limited in the designs that it can be laid. Standard paving can make use of a variety of products in any number of various patterns but will likewise need upkeep in time to ensure its long life.

Exactly what is Brick Paving?

Brick paving includes the practice of making use of bricks or tile like pieces in a block pattern to develop open spaces, roadways, pathways and paths. The primary advantage of using bricks to produce a strong driveway or sidewalk is that individual damage bricks can be eliminated and changed at little to no charge. Where concrete would require replacement or repair work, altering one brick is as easy as lifting it from the ground. This permits simple repair and maintenance work without replacing an entire surface area.  So, if your vehicle has an oil leak, it’s relatively easy to replace just a small area.  (Remember to keep some spare bricks when the drive is laid.)

Brick paving has been known to be made use of in both a residential and industrial sense (ideal for the Jewellery Quarter?) from train stations and parking lot to patio area flooring and garden courses. By utilizing bricks, a paver is able to adjust a pattern or style to the development of the flat land using various colours or sizes. It is likewise a budget-friendly choice for house owners who require a difficult base surface for cars or outside settings to rest on. There are lots of different patterns to pick from, the most typical is the 45-degree “herringbone pattern”. This offers both the best bond and the most constant aim to a pathway. Other patterns include stretcher bond, basket weave, California weave and a combination of various sized bricks.

Exactly what is Concrete Paving?

Concrete Paving

Concrete paving is a kind of re-surfacing system that can turn dull concrete locations or open areas into strong functions underfoot. Concrete paving makes use of an anti-slip, cement-based finishing that can turn any space into an attractive and durable paving option. There are varieties of different colours to pick from and sometimes, companies provide different concrete pattern alternatives to use. This form of paving is extremely cost effective and is approximately twice as strong as ordinary concrete.

Liquid Limestone

Another form of concrete paving is using liquid limestone that has the look of cut limestone but the strength and economy of concrete. This form of paving is extremely cool under foot in high temperatures and is an extremely sought after option for both property and industrial use. Suitable for driveways and high traffic locations, liquid limestone can be laid as a solid block or offered as tile plates to be organized in a pattern.

Spray on Concrete

The 3rd for is a kind of spray on concrete paver. This can be utilized for internal flooring options, as it is a type of concrete-polymer substance that can reproduce the appearance of materials from timer to marble. Plolymer paving is extremely flexible and combines the strength of concrete with the look and design of preferred flooring options. This is also a great option for outside flooring or commercial usage and it is more commonly referred to as stenciled concrete when in the form of a brick pattern on a driveway or walkway.

How to find the Best Paving Contractor in your area?

If you are trying to find a quality paving contractor in Ladywood, Gun Quarter, Highgate or Digbeth, make certain you evaluate several options for your project. It is essential that you receive the appropriate quantity of info and professionalism to guarantee that no future issues occur. When engaging with a service provider, make an effort to ask for any insurance details, license details, qualification certificates or standard of quality paperwork. This will allow you to much better compare your alternatives while also offering an insight into a companies professionalism and capability to communicate with their consumers.

If you are still unsure, do not hesitate to ask for a reference or previous work statement. Lots of companies like to show off their quality of work and you can go to previously finished locations to check quality. When you choose to go with a company, make an effort to suggest a date of conclusion. This will allow you and the professionals to work to a schedule that suites all users.

There are two main types of paving, concrete and tile/brick paving. Where concrete paving can be an economical option, it requires either a base surface area of some description, or is limited in the styles that it can be laid. Concrete paving is a kind of re-surfacing system that can turn dull concrete areas or open areas into strong features underfoot. Concrete paving uses an anti-slip, cement-based finish that can turn any space into an appealing and resilient paving solution. Another form of concrete paving is the usage of liquid limestone that has the appearance of cut limestone however the stamina and economy of concrete.

Washing the dirt and environmental crud of your driveways can take a fair bit of time and also patience. There is no lack of techniques for obtaining your drive way sparkling clean but if you intend to maintain it looking clean for years ahead after that it is very important to secure it with a high quality sealant that will not allow spots to penetrate the surface, making them very easy to get rid of in the rain.

There are a number of usual approaches people utilize when doing a driveway tidy yet by much the most effective is a high pressure washer as well as some been experts stone cleaning chemicals that are available from a lot of hardware stores. The major benefit of making use of high pressure washing devices is that the cleansing procedure can be done very promptly as well as the cleansing outcome can be quite outstanding.

If cleansing your own driveway is not something your would certainly not personally care to embark on, there are several outside cleansing firms who apart from having all the required tools additionally have a huge quantity of encounter of all types of driveway as well as outdoor patio cleansing from: tarmac to pleased concrete. A specialist outside cleansing firm will certainly be totally knowledgeable about how much water pressure needs to be made an application for just what type of driveway surface area, consequently decreasing any sort of damages to grouting etc. They will likewise be fully conversant with the appropriate sort of cleaning chemicals as well as how they must be used for different kinds of stains and surface areas. Most notably they will certainly do a professional cleaning task of your driveway.

Saving time: Contracting a cleaning business to cleanse your pavers and close them will substantially you conserve rather lot of energy and time. A good solution will help you have a clean driveway in much less time than if you tried the job yourself. With the correct specialist equipments the entire cleaning process can be completed in much less than a few hours when as compared to do-it-your-self cleanings.

Nevertheless, the major benefit of working with a professional driveway cleaning firm is the high quality of the tidy once completed. Typically with the best will in the world as well as despite all the effort a property owner might embed cleaning their own driveway one could never rather accomplish the outcomes of an expert exterior cleaning firm. This is distinction it usually to the top quality of the machines utilized by business cleansing companies in comparison to those machines that are available on the DIY market.

A few years ago, we built a driveway with paths (and a patio) for a lovely lady with a beautiful garden.  I mean, her garden was beyond the average – way beyond – and she made it clear to me from the first phone call that she would “not tolerate any disruption” to her pride and joy.

Which is understandable!  Nobody likes big hairy builders coming on their land and making a mess.  And we are always careful, and take extra care when working anywhere beyond the front garden.

But, this lady?  Man, did she go to some lengths to make it clear that ANY mess.  ANY stepping on plants,e ven if ‘accidental’ (her emphasis) would not be tolerated.

And we ‘get’ that. We are really careful.  Always.

In passing, as part of working out how we were going to be “really careful” I asked her,

“So, where is your outside tap?”  and then the conversation went like this…

“I do not have an outside tap!”

“What, you don’t have an outside tap?  So, how do you water your garden?”

“With rainwater from the water-butt.”

“Well,that’s great, but we are going to need about at least a thousand times more than your water butt can hold.  What do you suggest we do?”

So she says…..”Oh well, in THAT case, you will have to dig up the petunia bed because there is a mains water tap buried underneath there!”

And I’m like,  “HUH! You just spent 20 minutes telling me how important it is to be hyper-careful about ruining your plants and now we can dig-up your lovely Petunia plants?”

So she says, “Well, if I am going to get what I really want, I can accept that some plants will need to be sacrificed.”

That kind of thing drives me nuts!  There is a certain amount of ‘hassle-factor’ that sometimes needs to be allowed for, so if you really want a good price for your job……

PLEASE be clear about what you want and HOW you want it done.


More often than not, we find ourselves customizing every other part of the home to suit our preferences with little or no attention given to the garage. The garage happens to be the only place where we are comfortable neglecting. Weather stripping is the process of sealing all the openings in the garage for the purposes of limiting your energy consumption. The air spaces let in the cold air, and in winter, this could result in inflated electrical bills.

The conditions within the garage should be optimum to allow you to enjoy your time there. Being the place where your favorite asset dwells, you will find yourself peeping into the garage every now and then for no apparent reason. What most people don’t realize just yet is that the garage can be redesigned to provide enough space for someone to work out in or even try out some yoga. Either way, this article takes a look at two such methods that can be used to customize the garage.

garage door repair naples

garage door repair naples

“The first area that needs to be taken care of is the garage doors.” Says Customer’s Choice Garage Doors. “The design of these doors is not perfect or rather it doesn’t take into consideration that seasons change. Typically, you will find that most garage doors have small openings that let in air, the effects of which might go unnoticed for a while. In winter though, the cold breeze that enters through the openings needs to be kept in check using electrical heaters. It is this cost of heating up the garage that inspires the writing of this article.”


The gaping holes or openings in your garage door can be sealed off using tight-fitting weather stripping. Consider a six-inch-square hole located in the middle of your garage door. You will immediately have it sealed off, right? Well, most of the doors fitted in your home and garage will have a 1/8-inch-wide crack that runs all the way around the door. The equivalence of this crack is the six-inch-square hole we have just talked about.

Weather-stripping as a method of sealing off the spaces in your door has been proven to reduce the energy consumption by almost 30%. Luckily, nowadays there are a good number of weatherstripping kits that you can use to seal off the cracks and openings in your garage door. But before you proceed with this necessary procedure, its necessity must be verified first by ensuring that the garage door is indeed not airtight.

The second thing that we shall discuss in this article is the use of brick pavers for your driveway and the area around the garage. Brick pavers are a sure way of increasing the aesthetic value of your property. They just have a way of transforming any driveway into one that is classy and elegant. Installation of brick pavers in the driveway can last a good 25 years if the installation was done by a sane mind.

The cost of these renovations might also be a bit steep requiring the homeowner to make prior financial arrangements on the same. The good thing with brick pavers is that they are very easy and straightforward to install and given the time, you can very easily do it yourself. The price per square foot of brick pavers can go as low as $5. In the case where a professional is hired to do the work, the cost of paving will double.

There are other fancier brick paver designs that will cost much more than the $10 per square foot that we have just mentioned. With brick pavers, you will have two options to choose from. You can either install the sand-based pavers or the mortar-based ones. The bricks can also be laid out in whatever pattern you desire. The outcome of customizing your garage by the methods discussed here would be a garage that you want to spend most of your time in. it wouldn’t also hurt to show off once in a while, right?

Wella Serrano was honoured with the Employee Of the Quarter for the First Quarter award for going above and beyond the normal expectations of great customer service..

This special award is given every three month by driveway and paving contractor Birmingham Driveway, based in the West Midlands, UK. Wella Serrano has shown tremendous commitment over the past quarter in every aspect of her duties.

She works in the position of receptionist and she has repeatedly shown her excellence at  liasing with both customers and employees.  She is great at greeting customers with a smiling voice when they first call. and In this job she has consistently shown that she treats everyone as if they were a member of her family by going the extra mile.  she is liked and admired by both customers and staff. These are all qualities Birmingham Driveway holds in especially high regard.

Birmingham Driveway gives it’s Employee Of the Quarter Award because it believes the most important element in its business after it’s customers are it’s employees.

Brian Ratcliff, Owner of Birmingham Driveway said: “Many companies don’t show any appreciation to their employees at all. But here at Birmingham Driveway we like to recognize the great work our employees do and show them that we are paying attention and giving them the recognition they so richly deserve for the hard work they do every day.”

“Wella Serrano is a fantastic worker with a great attitude. She is at the end of the phone to keep everyone up to date with the progress of their job and is a pleasure for her fellow staff to work with. Every day she shows that she really cares about all our projects and is always willing to go the extra mile.”

“Wella displays exactly what we stand for at Birmingham Driveway…her attitude reminds all of us on a daily basis what we are here for: to provide the very best service for our driveway and patio customers.. We’re especially proud of Wella Serrano for that. She’s a very deserving award winner.”

More information about Birmingham Driveway and the Employee Of the Quarter and winners of this award are available at


You can get your FREE estimate by clicking the button below. Alternatively, if you have any questions, you can call us on 0121 2853637 – our phone lines are open 24/7.

laying a block paving path

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