Garage Door Weather Stripping And The Use Of Brick Pavers

More often than not, we find ourselves customizing every other part of the home to suit our preferences with little or no attention given to the garage. The garage happens to be the only place where we are comfortable neglecting. Weather stripping is the process of sealing all the openings in the garage for the purposes of limiting your energy consumption. The air spaces let in the cold air, and in winter, this could result in inflated electrical bills.

The conditions within the garage should be optimum to allow you to enjoy your time there. Being the place where your favorite asset dwells, you will find yourself peeping into the garage every now and then for no apparent reason. What most people don’t realize just yet is that the garage can be redesigned to provide enough space for someone to work out in or even try out some yoga. Either way, this article takes a look at two such methods that can be used to customize the garage.

garage door repair naples

garage door repair naples

“The first area that needs to be taken care of is the garage doors.” Says Customer’s Choice Garage Doors. “The design of these doors is not perfect or rather it doesn’t take into consideration that seasons change. Typically, you will find that most garage doors have small openings that let in air, the effects of which might go unnoticed for a while. In winter though, the cold breeze that enters through the openings needs to be kept in check using electrical heaters. It is this cost of heating up the garage that inspires the writing of this article.”


The gaping holes or openings in your garage door can be sealed off using tight-fitting weather stripping. Consider a six-inch-square hole located in the middle of your garage door. You will immediately have it sealed off, right? Well, most of the doors fitted in your home and garage will have a 1/8-inch-wide crack that runs all the way around the door. The equivalence of this crack is the six-inch-square hole we have just talked about.

Weather-stripping as a method of sealing off the spaces in your door has been proven to reduce the energy consumption by almost 30%. Luckily, nowadays there are a good number of weatherstripping kits that you can use to seal off the cracks and openings in your garage door. But before you proceed with this necessary procedure, its necessity must be verified first by ensuring that the garage door is indeed not airtight.

The second thing that we shall discuss in this article is the use of brick pavers for your driveway and the area around the garage. Brick pavers are a sure way of increasing the aesthetic value of your property. They just have a way of transforming any driveway into one that is classy and elegant. Installation of brick pavers in the driveway can last a good 25 years if the installation was done by a sane mind.

The cost of these renovations might also be a bit steep requiring the homeowner to make prior financial arrangements on the same. The good thing with brick pavers is that they are very easy and straightforward to install and given the time, you can very easily do it yourself. The price per square foot of brick pavers can go as low as $5. In the case where a professional is hired to do the work, the cost of paving will double.

There are other fancier brick paver designs that will cost much more than the $10 per square foot that we have just mentioned. With brick pavers, you will have two options to choose from. You can either install the sand-based pavers or the mortar-based ones. The bricks can also be laid out in whatever pattern you desire. The outcome of customizing your garage by the methods discussed here would be a garage that you want to spend most of your time in. it wouldn’t also hurt to show off once in a while, right?

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