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Paving Contractor BirminghamThe majority of people, for one factor or another, will certainly engage a paving service provider at some point. It may be in a professional capability such as selecting a service provider for a huge advancement task or picking someone to build them a new patio. There are different types of paving contractor. Not all paving contractors carry out all forms of paving work. Some deal with certain types of task, such as car park building, and some have specific abilities, such as laying bitmac which does not indicate they can lay setts. There are many excellent specialists throughout Britain and Ireland, however their number is almost certainly matched by the number of ‘cowboys’, who have couple of or no real abilities, and are only thinking about making as huge a revenue as possible in the quickest time with the minimum effort.

Discovering an Excellent Paving Contractor

Top Option – By Recommendation

This is the very best reference available and we have them available for you to call and talk to. Maybe visit them and see for yourself the standard of the work we do. For commercial works, ideal gangs are frequently shared in between main contractors or engineers. Periodically, a certain producer/contractor will certainly get to know of a particular gang that would be ideally fit to a specific project. Appropriately, suggestion is usually sought within the trade. For property work, recommendation is typically on a more personal level. If someone among your family and friends has actually had some paving work done, request a recommendation.  Did the specialist do a good task? Did they finish the work on schedule and within spending plan? How friendly and considerate were they?  Existed any ‘hidden’ expenses? Was the work done by tradesmen or ‘young lads’?  Did they clean up the place when they had completed? Did they provide any warranties?  Are the customers chuffed with the completed job?  Was there any issue getting the work ‘snagged’ and did the specialist make a final inspection of the work? Quality paving is not low-cost – make sure you are getting what you pay for.

Practical – From a pre-vetted list

There are two main kinds of service provider lists presently running in mainland Britain (the scenario in Ireland is slightly various). The very first type is the independent trade association, and the second is the manufacturer-managed list. spacer Independent Associations: There is only one, nationally identified and respected independent trade association for paving, and that is Interlay. Interlay is run independently of the significant manufacturers and it is extensively considered representing the “leading league” of paving contractors. Nevertheless, Interlay, in its current format, is heavily prejudiced to block paving professionals and has poor representation from flaggers, kerb-layers, sett-layers, streetmasons and the other hard-landscaping trades. Interlay’s significant benefit is that its members are recognized in laying the paving provided by ANY manufacturer and the members do seem to appreciate and value that self-reliance. Click here to find out more about how Interlay can benefit professionals and customers There are other so-called independent trade associations, however they tend to be small and ineffective, and/or mainly worried about generating income instead of keeping standards, and/or they are not specific to the paving and hard-landscaping trades. Manufacturer Lists: In an effort to make sure homeowners and other clients are less likely to be fleeced by the cowboy element, some producers have actually established lists of vetted and approved professionals. These Approved Lists cover only specific trades and/or items, most notably obstruct paving and ornamental outdoor patio flags/slabs. They do not necessarily cover PHOTO, tarmacadam, sett-laying, basic landscaping or many of the other kinds of paving. Some producers maintain lists as a gesture of goodwill, therefore tend not to offer any service warranty or reveal any recommendation – they are merely passing on the name and contact information of professionals that are regular purchasers of their items. Other producers run schemes that require payment to sign up with and typically (however not constantly) include some form of vetting.

Last option –  Blind Option

This refers to picking possible service providers that you have little or no direct knowledge of. Service providers can generally be discovered in the Telephone directory or the Thomson Resident telephone directories under ‘Paving’ or ‘Landscaping’. Be aware that some companies are paving specialists, some business are plantsmen, and some business do both. There is likewise the opportunity to find a professional by using an online search engine.   As well as us, there are numerous now offered.

Look for paving professionals

Searching Online – what to try to find in  great paving professional

Caveat Emptor: The advertising and running expenses for any publication, whether a printed directory or an online presence, does tend to arrange the wheat from the chaff. The small, one-man-bands and the fly-by-night cowboys are not most likely to pay numerous pounds for marketing, but then, some see it as a small financial investment that enables them to get their foot in your doorway and their talons into your chequebook. Watch out for specialists who have only a mobile phone number, and no address. Be specifically careful of any individual ‘cold calling’ – excellent professionals do not have to sales call to produce work. If you see a drive being installed, and it seems quality work, ask the ‘ganger’, or one of the other employees, for a business card or similar – they ought to be more than happy to oblige. If you have seen some paving locally that you particularly admire, the citizen will probably be kindlied to pass on a business card or phone number for the business who did the work. Try to find membership of acknowledged bodies, such as FMB (Federation of Master Builders), or GMC (Guild of Master Craftsmen). Look for a well established company, not one that has sprung-up over the last 12 months, and look for assurances. The majority of truthful firms do not charge for quotes or for general guidance.

Acquiring Estimates or Quotations.

The number of costs? We always advise clients to obtain at least three price quotes for the paving work. The most inexpensive price may not be the best of tasks, while a leading rate is no guarantee of quality. Rates differ considerably in between contractors. If a paving company is utilizing tradesmen, the wage bill, and therefore the expense to the customer, will certainly be higher than a company who utilize just labourers and young lads.

Who is working?

Establish whether the person you are handling is the one actually doing ALL of the work. WE DO ALL OF THE WORK THAT WE QUOTE FOR Some business utilize expert sales people to ‘sell’ their paving, typically on a commission basis. Other business don’t in fact do the work themselves, however sub-contract to other gangs. Many companies undertake a quick study of the job, inspecting access, quantities, design, and so on, before submitting a rate. Some firms will certainly provide you a price ‘on the spot’, whilst others will send you a cost through the post, once they’ve done all the calculations.

What are they pricing?

It is best to guarantee that prospective professionals are pricing quote for the same work. Formulate a spec, and ask each company to tender for the works on the basis of that specification, and to make different costings for any optional or additional items they consider might be needed, such as extra drainage gullies or decorative kerbs. You can discover written specifications for the most typical kinds of paving and drain on the Specs page.


A verbal quote is completely, absolutely and totally ineffective. Demand composed quotes or estimates, with the requirement that the contractor will certainly make use of everything in the document as part of the rate. Some specialists might prefer to send ‘quotes’ instead of ‘quotations’ – as long as the requirements and quantities are specified as part of the rate, there should be no problem.

Which is finest?

Quotes and quotes appear to be interchangeable within the property construction market – price quotes frequently come in ‘on budget plan’ whilst quotes may all of a sudden grow additional costs not expected at the time of pricing the work. However, in law, there is a vital difference in between the two, and a quotation is much structer than an estimate. In very simplistic terms, a quote is a firm statement of the rate that will certainly be charged, based on the info consisted of therein, whereas a price quote is a ‘finest guess’ regarding exactly what the likely cost might be. A specialist might need to charge extra if extra work or products not consisted of within the quotation is carried out on the customer’s instruction or with their arrangement.

Exactly what should be included?

Make sure that any price acquired, whether quotation or quote, makes clear exactly what quantities of which products the service provider will certainly offer the cost mentioned, and which items or optional additionals, if any, may sustain service charges. As an extremely generalised guideline, a composed quotation or price quote ought to include the following items as an outright minimum …
  1. Type/name/brand of paving or surfacing to be provided, including any appropriate colour alternatives
  2. The building method in brief – excavation depth; sub-base type and depth; edgings; drain
  3. The overall area to be paved or appeared – edgings and kerbs must be quantified independently
  4. The cost of performing the work as defined above
  5. Any extra or optional costs
  6. The quote

The feared VAT

Be sure that the price mentioned by the service provider includes Value Added Tax – VAT. Numerous contractors talk in nett terms. That is, the prices they typically talk about do NOT include VAT. This can come as a shock if the price you have been provided verbally is unexpectedly upped by 20 %. This originates from that a lot of providers to the trade (Contractors’ Merchants, Manufacturers, Aggregate Providers, etc.) state prices in the same way which all work carried out to COMPLETELY BRAND-NEW advancements is VAT-exempt. VAT is due on any paving or landscaping work carried out to an existing building. VAT-able work can include what the house owner considers to be a new driveway or patio area: it boils down to whether the building as a whole is new or whether the work is a repair work, change or addition to an existing building. Sadly, some domestic professionals price quote a rate and assume the client will comprehend that the cost to be paid will certainly be considerably higher once the tax is included. This is an inappropriate, underhand tactic.

Paying Cash

While it is perfectly legal to pay a contractor in money, it is unlawful to anticipate the professional to leave out the BARREL element in return for non-traceable cash, or for the service provider to offer such an arrangment. In truth, it is quite unlikely that the contractor can afford to ‘lose’ the entire of the VAT aspect in exchange for money. The service provider will still be needed to pay VAT on the products provided to the site, as well as to pay BARREL on sundries such as diesel for the vans, plant hire, skip wagons or grab trucks. As a result, the only part of the deal with which the contractor is entirely responsible for VAT is the labour proviuded, and this but a small part of the overall expense.


Ask each professional to supply a minimum of 3 addresses where they have actually set up the same, or very comparable, paving to the picked type. You should see their actual work instead of rely exclusively on photographs or sites showing work that might or may not be their own. If possible, speak with previous customers. After all, if you were spending â?¤ 3,000 or â?¤ 10,000 on a vehicle, you would wish to take it for a test run prior to dedicating yourself … so spend a Sunday driving around and noseying at other drives and make sure you are happy with the contractors and the paving type you have actually picked. Previous customers who are happy with the work done are normally just too excited to bore you stiff with the great information of what a wonderful task was done. It is far better to choose your paving type from reality examples instead of from dog-eared photos, low-res website images or professional marketing shots.

Choosing Which Service provider

The quotes and quotes have actually shown up. How do you choose which service provider to award the work? Cost The first factor to consider is normally ‘rate’. As a general rule, most prices for uncomplicated paving tasks need to fall in a ± 15 % variety. For instance, a project with an expense of â?¤ 2,000 may generate price quotes from service providers in the â?¤ 1,700 – â?¤ 2,300 variety. Watch out for very low or extremely high rates. Low prices indicate that corners will have to be cut for the service provider making a wage, and some service providers will purposely send artificially high prices for work in which they are not truly interested. View ‘unique discount rates’ with a careful eye.


The quality of the materials chosen will likewise have a large influence on the price. For instance, we expect to pay â?¤ 10 +VAT for top-notch concrete paving blocks. There are similar blocks offered at half that cost, but they are of a poor quality, making use of softer concretes and inferior dyes. If you did not ask for a specified pavior, you run the risk of the contractor providing cheaper, sub-standard products.

T & C’s.

What are the terms and conditions of the rate sent by the contractor? Are they completely guaranteed? (minimum â?¤ 1 million Public Liability in the name of the business). Do they demand a deposit? (Take care!! Get a composed receipt!). Exactly what are the guarantees they offer? Spoken guarantees are but breath on the wind. Insist on a composed assurance. When and how do they anticipate to be paid? For how long do they expect the job to take? What upkeep service do they provide? Can you withhold a retention sum till the final snagging is finished? How do they handle conflicts over quality or cost?

Inspect Those References.

As pointed out above, you ought to see finished works of each contractor with a crucial eye, searching for features and information that you discover appealing, and keeping in mind any faults or flaws that catch your eye. Aim to look only at the paving, and not let your total impression of the work be swayed by the home itself, the garden or the total setting. Re-visit sites as frequently as needed till you feel confident about your decision.

Personal Rapport

A final quality to think about is the specialist personally. Is the professional affable and simple to speak to, or bullish and conceited? If you feel daunted by a contractor, it will be much more difficult for you to work out relatively with him/her. Does the professional seem credible and truthful or do you get a sly feeling that you’re being fooled? You MUST have the ability to trust your contractor. A great contractor aspires to kindly, and is as keen as you are for the completed paving to look great and offer years of hassle-free service. The excellent contractor will keep you updated regarding the progress of the works or any problems that will require additional work that could not have been foreseen at the time of prices – this applies especially to faulty drain that is often undiscovered till the excavation commences. You should feel able to reach a peaceful agreement with your specialist as to the expense of any such extra works.

Proceeding with the Task

Start Date

You have actually chosen which service provider you are going to make use of, and you naturally wish to get splitting with the job as soon as possible. Most excellent professionals will have a 3-8 week ‘lead-time’ i.e. the length of time from your ordering the works to their day of arrival. If a contractor can start work the very next morning, why aren’t they busy? Ask your professional for a proposed start date, however please remember that our occupation is subject to the vagaries and impulses of the British/Irish climate. Allow a specialist some leeway – a week, or 2 at the most. The good professional will certainly keep you totally aware of their schedule and any advances or delays that might impact your job. Really typically, once a service provider is midway through a two week job, the client decides to extend the scope of the works, “while they’re right here” – the two week task becomes a 3 week job and the specialist’s schedule has actually fallen to pieces!

Starting Work


Once the work has actually started the service provider does not generally require access to your home. Do not turn over the keys to your house, in order that the workmen can make a cup of tea while you’re down at the stores. You didn’t understand these individuals from Adam a couple of weeks ago! A good specialist will certainly choose not to take your secrets if offered – if anything was to go missing out on, or get broken in the house throughout your absence, even if it was not the fault of among the workers, the specialist is going to be held accountable.

Water and Electric

The professional will certainly require access to water, and potentially electrical energy, for drills, mixers etc . If you have an outside tap, that will certainly be adequate for the small amounts of water required. Electrical energy is finest supplied through an extension lead from the garage or shed or, as a last resort, by means of a little window. If you have no outside tap or access to power, and you expect to be far from the home during typical working hours then notify your contractor that they will have to make their own plans by bringing water in drums and/or making use of a little generator. DO NOT HAND OVER YOUR SECRETS !!

Handling issues

Even the best specialists in Britain and Ireland will encounter issues periodically on some tasks. An accountable professional will certainly not undertake any extra work for which you will certainly be charged, without your prior knowledge and approval Any delay or setback ought to be reported to you at the earliest chance, and you must feel comfortable enough with your service provider to reach an arrangement on how to continue that fits you both Try to be reasonable and affordable with the service provider – don’t expect considerable unanticipated work to be undertaken at the specialist’s cost. Equally, do not allow yourself to be conned by a cunning service provider: stick to the specification which was agreed. If inclement weather condition or abrupt disease forces work to a halt, ask the specialist when he anticipates work to resume. Do not endure a stop-start operation, where the workmen arrive and do a bit of work for a day, prior to vanishing for two days (known in the trade as “A Healthcare facility Task”). If you have any significant issues about the quality or progress of the works, write them down and pass a copy on to the professional, requesting for composed verification of what action they intend to require to minimize or resolve your issues. Do not enable yourself to be cajoled into paying for baseless bonus.


What if you reach an impasse? This is where using independent arbitrators can be important, if you are fortunate adequate to have access to one. Some Manufacturer Approved Lists offer an arbitration service Unfortunate to say, the standards anticipated tend to be highly variable and there are a lot of reports of any ‘benefit of the doubt’ being offered to the specialist, who, after all, is paying to be on the manufacturer’s list. Some of the Trade Associations provide an independent arbitration service. In certain cases, might have the ability to assist and/or recommend In cases of sharp practice, dishonesty, or inferior workmanship, your local Trading Standards office might help Eventually, you may think about making use of the services of a lawyer as the only way to impress the seriousness of your concerns upon the offending contractor. If all else fails and if you have not yet paid for the work, then pay only for that part of the work that you are pleased with. Provide a written pledge of full payment on satisfying conclusion of all the works. And finally, a demand from an ex-contractor; kindly don’t treat the service provider or the operatives as underlings or minions. A great tradesman has pride and honesty and will not invite being informed the best ways to do the job. Simply because a guy does not use a fit to work, it does not indicate that his work is routine. Treat the men with respect, and they will construct that regard into your paving. PS – a cup of tea when they show up in the early morning can commonly get them in your corner. smile

The Key Points to bear in mind:

  1. Get at least 3 quotes, and make sure they are all pricing the same job by including spec and quantities within the price quote.
  2. Make sure that the quotes are composed, not spoken, and that they are composed on headed notepaper, with a land-line telephone number, an address, and a company registration number.
  3. Check the Terms, and make certain you understand them.
  4. View previous works and talk with previous clients.
  5. Get a proposed start date, length of job, payment schedule and a guarantee, all in composing.
For even more advice about how to get a great job from your paving contractor visit our home page and then give us a call.
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