The Importance Of Water

A few years ago, we built a driveway with paths (and a patio) for a lovely lady with a beautiful garden.  I mean, her garden was beyond the average – way beyond – and she made it clear to me from the first phone call that she would “not tolerate any disruption” to her pride and joy.

Which is understandable!  Nobody likes big hairy builders coming on their land and making a mess.  And we are always careful, and take extra care when working anywhere beyond the front garden.

But, this lady?  Man, did she go to some lengths to make it clear that ANY mess.  ANY stepping on plants,e ven if ‘accidental’ (her emphasis) would not be tolerated.

And we ‘get’ that. We are really careful.  Always.

In passing, as part of working out how we were going to be “really careful” I asked her,

“So, where is your outside tap?”  and then the conversation went like this…

“I do not have an outside tap!”

“What, you don’t have an outside tap?  So, how do you water your garden?”

“With rainwater from the water-butt.”

“Well,that’s great, but we are going to need about at least a thousand times more than your water butt can hold.  What do you suggest we do?”

So she says…..”Oh well, in THAT case, you will have to dig up the petunia bed because there is a mains water tap buried underneath there!”

And I’m like,  “HUH! You just spent 20 minutes telling me how important it is to be hyper-careful about ruining your plants and now we can dig-up your lovely Petunia plants?”

So she says, “Well, if I am going to get what I really want, I can accept that some plants will need to be sacrificed.”

That kind of thing drives me nuts!  There is a certain amount of ‘hassle-factor’ that sometimes needs to be allowed for, so if you really want a good price for your job……

PLEASE be clear about what you want and HOW you want it done.


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