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Hello and welcome if you are looking for paving companies in Handsworth.

Birmingham Driveway are paving contractors laying blocks, concrete and tarmac in the B20, Lozells and Perry Barr areas for years.

We always pave your driveway or patio areas and paths with top quality materials from the best suppliers in Birmingham.

If you are thinking of hiring a paving surface layer in the 0121-505, 0121-515 or 0121-523 dialing codes we’re the best around and will do a great job for you.

Phone us today for a free quote for your driveway or patio paving on 0121 285 3637.  We look forward to hearing from you.

St Michaels Church, Handsworth

St Michaels Church, Handsworth. Courtesy of wikimedia.

In the meantime here are some ideas for making sure that you get the best paving job done in your home.

Most people go with tarmac driveways today and it is by far the cheapest option out of all the other driveway alternatives. A major part of the success of any driveway installation is the paving service provider that is hired to finish the job. If you employ the wrong contractor there is no possibility that your driveway is going to last as long as it should, which is at least 25 to 30 years.

If you utilise the professional services of a top-notch paving contractor, your driveway will need absolutely nothing more than small repair works and maintenance throughout its lifespan.

To help you with choosing the ideal contractor to manage your paving task, you should take the following into significant factor to consider first:

– Be 100 % Certain About Exactly what You Want

Before you acquire quotations from various service providers, you need to understand exactly what you desire. Supply them with a footprint of the driveway that you prefer to guarantee that they provide you with the most accurate quotes. Walking through the site with each contractor to permit them to examine it and sharing your preferences with them is very important as well.

– Be Extremely Fearless

Never think about a service provider that does not have the needed insurances, licenses and bonds that will protect you from second-rate work and probable liabilities.

– Make sure that the Professional is Experienced Enough

Take the time to learn all you can about the paving professional before you employ their services. Appointing the most seasoned and accomplished service provider will definitely ensure a quality, lasting tarmac driveway. The professional that you choose to work with ought to know everything there is to know about setting up a driveway.

– Request for a First Class Quality Sub-base for tarmac driveways

A driveway is just as excellent as the foundation that it is built on. The professional ought to be able to set up a remarkable quality sub-base; an appropriate sub-base is basic.

– Go over Drain Installation

Make sure to go over the installation of right drain with the contractor and be specific that they understand ways to install it correctly. You do not desire water puddles forming on your driveway or water draining into your house.

– Request Adequate References.

A trusted and credible paving specialist that has nothing to hide will have no issue to supply you with favorable contactable references. Previous customers could help you make the important decision. Do you have friend in the Methodist church and community Centre on Gerrard Street?  Are you a member of the Wilkes Green residents Association?  Ask around.

What experiences have you had with paving contractors in the past?

If you use the professional services of a top-notch paving contractor, your driveway will require nothing more than small repair services and maintenance during its life expectancy.

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