Shaped Block Paving – Pros and Cons

Use Shaped Blocks For Strength and Pattern

There are historic reasons to be taken in to account by an block paving driveway company in Birmingham.  For historic factors associating to the makers of block pavers in Britain and Ireland, our nations mainly use rectangle-shaped blocks, but in continental Europe as well as various other much more informed components of the globe, they make use of shaped, interlacing or dentate (significance “toothed”) blocks that, due to their form, have a higher degree of rotational interlock as well as are much better able to hold up against hefty traffic than basic rectangle-shaped blocks. Barely a week goes by without somebody emailing or calling because they are worrying about delivery. The short response is that both S- as well as W- blocks are easily available, as long as you desire 600m ² or even more.

Shaped Block Ordering and Delivery Times

The manufacturers which hold the permit for these blocks have told me that they will just manufacture to order, as well as that order needs to go to least 600m ² or it isn’t really economic, and, for reasons that defy logic, they claim there are no supplies available for those that just want, state, a number of packs to fix or expand an existing area. There are lots of various designed blocks, but the most usual for business jobs are the W-blocks and also the S-blocks.
  • W block
  • W block S block
  • S block
These shaped blocks are made use of, virtually exclusively, on industrial projects and also rarely make it regarding patio area and also driveway job.

Selecting Shape

For some, the suggestion of a rectangle-shaped block isn’t specifically motivating. They want something various, something a little bit out of the average, something you do not see on every road.

We wanted to put our own video here, but this Yank explains your choices pretty well, if you can understand his acccent 🙂

Many geometric shapes offer themselves to modular paving, yet rectangles are the easiest to make, to package, to ship as well as palletise to websites as well as Builders’ Merchants throughout the land, and also so the Irish and also british paving markets have been controlled by rectangular shapes literally since the year dot. While designed blocks are offered at this severe side of Europe, they are quite the exception rather than the policy. I know for sure that there * are * stocks in certain backyards: I’ve seen them! The trouble is that the bone-idle sales representatives can not be arsed rooting about in the yard to track them down and also set up a little sale.
radial s paving blocks

Radial S Paving Blocks

S-blocks radial attribute If you are attempting to locate these blocks, seek the following trademark name: This lack of appeal, to be honest, hasn’t been aided by foolish rates by manufacturers seeking a bigger-than-normal return on exactly what they see as a ‘superior product’ then worsened by greedy service providers wishing to charge even more each square metre for laying the blocks, even though they are no a lot more difficult or taxing to lay than their rectangle-shaped counterparts. Consequently, a lot of the items illustrated below may not be easily available or might have been taken out. Randstein (German import). Zeta Lock by Brett (W-block). Ready-Loc by Cemex (W-block). For some, the concept of a rectangular block isn’t really precisely motivating. They desire something different, something a little bit out of the average, something you don’t see on every street. We’ve had hexagons for years, and there are governments, octagons, parallelograms, followers, keyhole-shapes, X-shapes, W-shapes, shapes based on completely baffling mathematical curiosities and plenty of forms that defy definition. As the market for block paving becomes an increasing number of advanced, so the demand for new, exciting, ingenious items has actually expanded, and also the top makers invest a whole lot of time, effort as well as money trying to create the fabled ‘Next Big Thing’. There is a sense in Britain as well as Ireland that this NBT will not be a designed block. It’s been attempted and also attempted and attempted once more as well as it just never ever seems to catch on for anything besides strong commercial jobs.



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laying a block paving path

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